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Ah man.. one of my "friends" is suing me. Most people would be upset but I think it's hilarious because it's so stupid. I was having stuff done to my house and couldn't be there. The time frame was 2 weeks to a month depending on the weather. I was going to stay with my brother but this guy begged me to stay and said he could use the extra money for Christmas. We agreed I would pay half the rent, utilities, and water bills. Internet and home phone bill were excluded because that would be the same price whether I was there or not. We also agreed would would purchase our own groceries for that month. The last day of me staying we went to a casino to hang out, drink and have fun. I hit $2,000 and he got mad and starting saying I owe him half and that I should give him half because he let me stay at his place and that he was nice and didn't make me pay for internet or phone (I never used the home phone) . His internet bill is $47 not $1,000. I never asked this guy if i could stay with him, he's the one that begged me for 2 days and now he's suing me for $1,500 . It's so sad a friendship is being destroyed over greed. If anyone did anybody a favor it was me to him. My brother was going to let me stay for free but I figured it was Christmas time and this guy has a daughter so he probably really could use the money. I can't wait for the judge to hear this. He ain't getting a penny from me.

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  • I think you already won your case XD

  • that was never a real friendship

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