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I hate my pasty skin and the comments I get about it. I hate my wide feet and the fact that no shoes look good on me. I hate my calves and the way they look from behind. I hate my fat thighs and the way they look when I'm sitting. I hate my stomach and how big it is. I hate my boobs and wish I didn't have them. I hate my arms and how fat they are. I hate my lips and how they're always dry. I hate my nose and the way it makes me look like Pinocchio. I hate my eyebrows and the fact that they never look right. I hate my hair and the fact that it's always frizzy. I HATE how I look.

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  • Better use the time then to work hard to afford plastic surgery or exercise so you can afford to make the changes that will make you more confident

  • You know good looks don't just happen. You have to work at it

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