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I am a girl. This guy asked me if I liked his mate, to which I said no because I don't. Apparently it was opposite day because he said "So you do like him!" Fucking moron. And I'm pretty sure he told this guy that I liked him because of what happened next. I was sat at a table next to the guy who thought I liked him and I started talking to him in general. Then I thought I'd be annoying and draw in his book and stuff, because I'm nice :) and he said "I don't like you okay!" I was very confused for a few seconds. I turned back to my table, confused. Then I realised... Now I think my confused face looked a bit like I was hurt by his comment, which made this guy think that I actually liked him which is bullshit. Now this guy thinks that I am a pathetic little girl. Not to mention that he is an arrogant prick, who is actually fat and ugly and extremely irritating. He has probably told all his friends how he upset me and that I liked him. I fucking hate boys. What don't they understand about no? I didn't mean to include all boys, but *sigh* most of the ones I have met are very stupid.

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  • But do you guys ask girls if they like your friends?

  • I'm a guy and yes....most of us are pretty stupid when it comes to women.

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