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when my mom found out I cut, she just yelled at me and made it worse. my brothers just laughed. now my friend just attempted suicide, I have an eating disorder and am loose too much weight, and my other friend is cutting. still she won't belive that something is wrong and keeps saying I am doing it for attention. like hey dad abused me and now I cut and that surprises you.

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  • Keep telling people until you find someone who cares. Honestly your mother probably has problems too because of your dad and she doesn't want to face your problems because it would cause her to face hers. But you really need to stop cutting. It's honestly stupid to cut. It doesn't do any good and it actually makes things worse. And no, you don't HAVE to do it. You have control over it. You choose to do it every time. As for the eating disorder, talk to a doctor.

  • you need a counseling! shit so do i fuck!

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