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a friend of mine kinda lives in his own, innocent world. which is fine. i like him for that too. but he's been telling me some weird lies and idk why because I'm not much of a party girl myself so I don't think he's trying to impress me? basically our last convo went something like this: He came up to me, hugged me as always and told me how tired he was. He then told me he was still SO HUNGOVER from going clubbing on saturday. (pretty sure you can't be hungover for more than a whole day) I was confused because he always prided himself on being a good muslim and never drinking. So I called him out. He answered, a bit upset: WELL I WASN'T DRUNK! I just laughed for five minutes. I don't think he knows that to be hungover you would have to have been drunk. I thought I'd share this cause it gave me a laugh. I guess I'll never understand what's going on in that guy's head.

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  • Maybe it was supposed to be a joke?

  • Hungover from no sleep

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