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So since fourth grade i've had a crush on this girl back in school. Since two years ago she's gotten into a relationship with another girl, last friday we met again This is really short, because the details of how things came together are pure and utter coincidence and not worth mentioning Before leaving me here in this city, said crush most of the times looked really concern about me and even jealous of girls near me, but came to the conclusion that we shouldn't have anything This friday she took me to an alleyway, after a conversation of 5 minutes that ended a period of 2 years without speaking to eachother, we had sex, while she told me how much time we had before her girlfriend got to the city I am in absolute awe that something this unlikely took place, and honestly i have no idea how to continue from here, i am totally oblivious as to why she did this and honestly i would like to partake in more cheating even exposing myself to lady karma and i have no clue on how to proceed. Judge me as you will, an opportunity like this, when you always had a fantasy about someone, is irrefusable.

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  • That's awesome!

  • I am judging you and will continue to judge you, this is messed up. Don't help someone cheat.

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