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I'm writing this confession to all you millennials .. Because this is getting a little ridiculous now, and I think most of you do it to be cool. Why are you all so easily triggered by every little thing a person says???? Now y'all decided that "dreads" is an offensive word and asking what astrological aspects someone gay has is homophobic. If we talk shit about how slutty a girl is , that's "slut shaming". Everything is cause for a problem and words like "racist" "homophobic" "slut shaming" are thrown around too easily, it's fuckin disgusting. Stop assuming shit about people because they don't cater to your sensitive asses. You guys will be the downfall of America because true racists, homophobic, women haters will mock the shit out of all of you and just increase their hate. Your easily triggered asses aren't making anything better. You guys think you're making a difference but you're really not. And my favorite is the the little hipsters who are now raw vegans and any little video they see of an animal doing something "unnatural" ... It's animal abuse and think anyone who eats meat is a monster, yet I bet you guys treat the people in your life like shit cuz all of you are so disgustingly entitled. You wanna make a difference so badly? Ok start with shutting the fuck up about little things and stop turning a blind eye on things that actually matter. Stop labeling shit and thinking we all need to be so freaking equal. Women don't have to do everything a man does. If someone wants to fear black people, let them! As long as they're not hurting them, let them be. If people wanna eat meat, let them.. Doesn't mean they enjoy the slaughter of animals, just means they like to eat. If you're a female (or male) who is constantly uploading sexually suggestive photos of yourself and talking about how you want someone to fuck you hard... Then gets upset when someone uses you for sex, then maybe you should've toned it down and made it clear that you're not only interested in sex. You guys keep this up and things will only get worse for us .... Because this rant is coming from a Latina female who is not a conservative Republican.

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  • And knock-it off with the vinyl record shit. Digital was invented for a reason

  • 'if someone wants to fear black people, let them!' lmao that's just retarded but everything else I agree with.

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