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I was 19 when my first week of tips at the salon is 60$ each night. I made just as much or even more than the people who have worked here for 10 years. They get jealous especially because I'm the youngest, been here for 1 month and already making good money. Now I'm 20 making 100$ only from tips and everyone's complaining to my manager that it's not fair. Once I step outside the world people look at me like a stereotypical 20 year old as if I don't make or even save money and just party all the time. I work hard to give it to my family. I grew up with just my mom, she had 6$ in her pocket and was thrown out by my dad with no child support and 2 boys to raise on her own. I keep getting underestimated.... This is just proof that u can't judge the water temperature by its looks, u got to dip ur feet in.

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  • I thought you were doing good until you said you gave your money away. Instead of investing for your own future you're just going to repeat your parents mistakes. Stupid.

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