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Men should have legal rights when it comes to abortion. I'm sick of the "my body, my choice" bullshit. Maybe you should've thought more about your body before you spread your legs open and got pregnant. Before you start commenting with your feminist anti men propaganda I'm not talking about instances of rape or any situation where the woman had no control of her actions. I'm referring to two adults having consensual sex and getting pregnant. It might be your body but guess what, it took two to get pregnant. Men get fucked over either way. Either she has the baby when he doesn't want it and he has to deal with the consequences (18 years of child support) or he does want the kid but she doesn't so now he loses the opportunity of having a child. It's not fair. Unplanned pregnancies impact mens lives just as much as it does women so why should they be the only ones making decisions? If you can't deal with the consequences of sex,don't have it. Nobody even cares about how the man feels or his situation. That could be his only chance of having a child and if she doesn't want it then that's that or he could not be financially stable enough to provide for a child but oh well who cares, if she wants it screw him. It's an extremely selfish decision in my opinion. I would like every woman who has a problem with this to think about for a minute. What if you found of that you were having a kid and the guy was the one with all the control, how would you like it if your feelings, life, and situation weren't taken into consideration? You wouldn't like it. Even if we never get rights morally you should think about it and at least hear us out. Think about someone other than yourself for once. Do what's best for EVERYONE and not just yourself.

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  • I cannot agree more!!!!!!!!!

  • Maybe not have sex if your not committed?

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