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My mom's sister, my aunt was my local guardian for over two years when my parents were divorced and now they are back together. She was a bombshell milf and it didn't stop me from looking at her sexually. I imagined having sex with her and fucked all my pillows thinking of her. I was in 9th grade that time. She took care of me like a mother would and I respected that too but my secretive sexual attraction towards her still kept on going and no matter how I tried, I couldn't stop it. I used to sneak and smell her ass when she slept and masturbated near her in a tissue pile. Smelled her panties. Tried to peep into the keyhole to have a look at she changing her clothes. Tried a lot getting a good view of her having a shower from the small exhaust vent outside the house. Tried many times to ask her for a sexual favor and I stopped myself from it and that shit was hard. Seeing her in a robe doing kitchen work tempted me a lot. She looked really sexy on any dress she wore. I thanked myself almost daily for not raping her. At that time, I hated myself for being very in confident towards girls and blamed on me for being single and had a very few friends. Then I heard a good news that my parents were getting back together and I went back with them. Aunt's husband was out of state most of the times doing business hardcore and I've only seen him a few times every 2-3 months and I'm pretty fucking sure he'd beat the hell outta me and kick me out if he came to know about this. I still regret for having those feelings for her and I feel a hella lot sorry now. I'm sorry Aunt Stacy. I know you don't know this but those two years were kinda hard and weird for me staying with you.

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