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The most humiliated I've ever felt was when my step dad made me take off my clothes in front of him. He'd beat me, but if I took off my clothes and took his beatings without resisting, they'd be much easier and shorter. I don't think it was sexual, I think it was just about humiliation being part of the punishment. But I'll never not be mortified thinking about being bent over directly in front of him, almost crying, being all but forced to pull my pants and underwear down to accept lashes from his belt or whatever he was holding.

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  • My parents had me pull my pants down too. I didn't have to fully strip but the clothes got in the way of the spankings. It wasn't sexual at all. I'm not scarred by it or anything :/

  • Sure your stepdad is a pervert, but your mom actually thought it was a good idea to have a pervert around her kids. Kill that bitch

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