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Facebook is like high school but online. Nothing but drama, rumors, and fighting. It got so bad I deleted everybody off my friends list except family and blocked all the main drama causers. I've gotten a few friend requests but i just delete them. I don't need the added nonsense in my life. Sometimes I wish I was only surrounded by people who can hold face to face conversations. People to hang out with that don't need social media and to take selfies and snapchats and everything else people use. Enjoy quality time. Being able to go out to eat and not trying to hold a conversation with someone texting on their phone (pet peeve). Someone who doesn't post the entire chronicle of their life online. I don't mind the occasional use of social media but when it takes up 90% of your time, that's way to obsessive for me. I'm getting to the point where I want to walk out on someone when they can't stay off their phone for more than 10 seconds

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  • Oh my, I agree with you. And for people saying why people still uses facebook, in all honesty, fb is way faster than our local news tv/radio, I always use fb for locating fire, accidents, etc

  • People still use Facebook? Do you live in 2011?

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