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Dear internet diary, it's kitty again. I know this is long but please read it. For once, I'm asking YOU for help. These is are just my thought so its sort of first person. It helps me explain the situation better. thanks for reading😭 plz give your blunt opinions❌no sugar coating........ I like him. He likes me. That much I know... But is it worth it? Fighting for his attention? She also like him and he ALSO likes her. She's prettier. She didn't even have to try to get him to like her. It just happened. Only if he knew how she acted when he wasn't there. He would be in for a huge surprise. The girl HATES my guts. She makes it obvious too. I can't tell him though. He doesn't see her true colors. Not yet. She's an actor. She plays her role as an angel too perfectly. He might not believe me... No, he'd NEVER believe me.. I'm just the new girl in his life who just so happened to wind up being his friend. I told him many things with no thought about it but this is actually the first time in forever that I regretted telling him something. Something that would ultimately change the dynamic of our friendship. I told him " I think I like you and so does she". 9 little words that killed our friendship. He said we NEEDED to talk asap. I flaked so we never did get that talk. Instead, we began to avoid each other. My friend asked him why and he replied "I don't know". the worst part is that while He's avoiding me, he's talking to HER. Don't get me wrong, he's not bad for doing that. Both of us are his best (girl) friends and he knew her longer. So why he stop talking to HER even if he isn't talking to ME. I HATE THIS SO MUCH. I just want to be friends like how we used to and I cant even fucking do that. My best friends avoiding me, my enemy bast in her victory against me, and my ex sucks SHIT. My frown is literally starting to make fucking face hurt. I'm such a fucking pussy, I don't even have the balls to text him. So its Christmas eve and here I am!!!! Sitting here feeling sorry for my ass. She must be SO fucking happy right now, isn't this she was a bitch to me in the first place??? because everyone thought he liked me??? Back then, when we first met I thought she was nice... sweet... someone who reminded me of MYSELF. Man was I stupid, I was wrong about that too. Why do the BAD guys always have to win?! It happened in Washington, now its happening to me. I was the so called "goodie girl" and look where being nice has gotten me. So I'll since no one else will. You won, I lost. We knew who'd win from the start. I'm just the obstacle between you and MY crush. You bitchly overcame that obstacle. But answer this simple question.... Are you finally fucking satisfied????💓💘 I want answers, I want dots to connect.... I need advice. If you got this far already then just say something. No, say ANYTHING. No sugarcoating, no saving feeling, just your blunt, honest opinion. snapshot and share this story. I want the WORLDS opinion. And if they ask who I am.... just call me kitty.💔

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  • Do something about her, make sure she isn't where he is, or message him in advance that you wanted to seriously talk, alone. Hoping the best for you.

  • Hi Kitty. First of all you did nothing wrong about that, you just told him about your feeling. If he avoid you, it's not you fault, it's his. Remember one thing he's the one that walked away from you. Kill those feeling of regret. Walk and pose like there's nothing happened! And try your best to erase your feeling of him. GBU, Merry Christmas :)

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