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First christmas without 2 very important people, they both died and grief is such a terrible feeling. They were my holiday plans every year and im walking around my fam like a mope cuz i have depression problems and dont wanna worry them about it and the guy im seeing isnt a very sensitive guy so i also feel embaressed to be depressed around him like i want someone to just hug and cry with instead of crying alone but because its a holiday i dont want my negative feelings to affect people . I dont know what to do man i really dont. The last relationship i was in the guy was a sensitive man so i was comfterable to cry around him without feeling guilty and embaressed but we went out for 3 years and broke up 5 months ago and im seeing someone kinda new and not as sensitive so idk im just not doing good at all i feel very alone and i know i shouldnt but i feel very alone and id rather just sleep instead of go to all these christmas events where im just gunna go back and forth to the bathroom and cry

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  • If your current boyfriend really likes you, I'm sure he won't have a problem if you tell him how you really feel and that you need some comfort :-)

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