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When I was 15, one of my friends liked a black guy and wanted to date him. But her mom wouldn't let her. Apparently her family believed the Bible said it's wrong to mix races like that. Nothing about his personality or what he was like as a person brought into a conversation. My impression was there really wasn't a conversation. Just basically "we think this is wrong so it's not happening". That was some bullshit. She later married someone else while we were still in high school, partly because she was pregnant. Her little sister also did the same thing, pregnant and married before senior year. So I find it ironic that teen marriage and pregnancy is fine, but God forbid you go to the movies with someone who's not white.

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  • ewww your friend was gross for picking a nigger

  • I bet they looked positively RADIANT in their white gowns with the pointy hoods when they got hitched!!

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