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I'm a girl and I have 4 best friends, one guy and three girls. Recently, I got together with one of my girl best friends and I love her and, if one ignores the fact we live in a homophobic society and we have to hide all the time, it's Fucking Perfect™. So, my guy best friend, let's call him Ken, one of my girl best friends Aland another friend of us decided to exchange presents. Ken called me yesterday, he was in a sex shop and asked me what he should get me. He proposed a vibrator amongst others and in the end he got me ropes to spice up things with my gf. He then proceeded to tell me to shave down there the next time she comes over (we haven't had sex) and I told him about when she'd come over when my parents weren't home. I love him. I fucking love him. I couldn't have a best friend than him. He's the best thing ever. Him taking it so cool, advising me, helping me, teasing me, it's all so important to me. I just love him do much. He's the brother I never had. Well. I do have one brother. But with Ken, it's different, were more close. I finally feel what it's like to have a sibling. I just love him so. much. But I'm kinda afraid to tell him. I think I will in Christmas

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  • you love him as a friend. dont get him confused. as you say you are like family.

  • Real brothers and sisters don't usually buy each other sex toys....just sayin'

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