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My older brother is 24 and he acts like the princess of the household. He dropped out of college, he acts like a whiny baby in front of my parents and is always having anxiety attacks and is racking up his hospital bill that my parents have to pay for but every time he's out with his friends, he acts normal, even crazy and looks like he's having the best time of his life. I have him on snapchat!!! He's just using my parents and is so sad. I try to be a good sister, but he always ruins our relationship by making tantrums if I don't do favours for him. He refuses to pick me up after school even though my parents both work, my mom always ends up picking me up. He acts sweet to my parents until they start asking to do normal house chores and tasks like driving around, then he starts ignoring then yelling and arguing with them when they keep asking him to do it. It's a freaking cycle!!! He borrows my money and doesn't pay me back until months later. He's a grown ass man who's more spoiled than his little sister. All of my friends wonder why I don't talk to him or try to avoid him every time we're seen around because he puts up a facade every time we go out. He's so two faced. He acts nice to everyone but my family and it hurts he only acts nice when there's something in it for him. It hurts to see my family get used this way but my parents won't listen to me. He's been this way for as long as I can remember. No more. I'm done with him. I can't take it anymore. I don't want to cover for him.

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  • how you dare to insult the prince of the house.. just a low peasant like yourself.

  • get a screen recorder app and record everything, then show your evidence to your parents

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