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I don't get how people can be sad about a celebrity's death. Sure, if it was an active singer/actor whose work you liked, then you can be sad that there won't be any new music/movies. But actually crying? Posting on every social media website how your life has just lost some meaning? Buying candles and arranging them around a photo of said person? That's bullshit. You didn't know the person. It could've been the greatest asshole and you wouldn't know. Their death doesn't make that good song that helped you over a break up suddenly vanish. You knew the man who died on the highway last night in a car crash just as good as the celebrity, and I don't see you mourning over his death. I just don't get it.

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  • I got more depressed when Robin Williams died. My heart literally broke cuz I never really had a dad so he was like a dad to me. I may be able to still see his work but its still sad because there wont be any more. I dont have to meet him to know he was a lovely person and then when you consider how he passed..that he was always troubled it made me lose some hope. Celebrities can be like far away friends. In a sense they come into your homes on a regular basis so of course people are going to be sad when they leave this earth

  • It's also called having empathy.

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