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Here is the dream I had. I was a scrawny guy with glasses in a tiny rundown NY apartment. My exwife comes by, wearing a red dress and six months pregnant with my child but barely showing. She knew I begged her not abort our child, and with her new BF behind her, she went on to brag about starving herself and drinking while pregnant. She planned to leave our son in an incubator with severe brain damage for me to pick up after she induced early. All to hurt me by hurting our son by proxy. I think this may be me coming to terms with my mother's hatred of me. My mother was a single mom by choice. She used my dad and ran. She was something of an abortion activist. When I married she tried to talk my wife into an abortion for no reason (Although maybe race was a motive) She tried to talk my wife into divorcing me. Than she disowned me and took in her BF's bastard to and I quote, "replace" me. I think this dream may be a metaphor. I have to admit to myself that my mother does not love me or my kids. She will damage her family for her petty vengeance. She hates me.

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  • I think you should cut all ties with her. don't let her around your family at all and never speak to her again.

  • seeing this confession make me sad, I dont know how a parent can do that. I mean seriously, baby is innocent, one day she will live to regret her choice she makes now, but by then everything is too late.

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