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my grandmother from my father's side passed 3months ago, we got the letter on Christmas.. i was surprised that she lived or so long.. it could be that my brother and me get the house, but i cant hope for thet to happen...the money could save our asses (my brothets, my moms and mine... and maybe the one of my best friend..) but i shuldnt hope for anything, this part of the family always thought my mom cheated on my father, and thats i am not his son.. well just yesterday my uncle told me how much i look like my father.. which is the ugliest thing someone could ever say to me, because i dont like the idea at all.. i hate my biological father, he was a looser and a pussy(we had so many chances for a better life, he was offered an extremely contract in the 90's to work on the niagra falls(a house and he could've bring his family after 3months too or so, its been a while sice ive read it), but he was homesick and wanted to go back to mommy, he was married had one kid an the other one(me) was on the way at this time... in the end.. i just think im afraid that I will become like him... but i couldn't ever imagine to forget my kids and dont care about them anymore.. im actually afraid to see his brother or so in court, but maybe they'd see hoe much i look like my father in my face after i havent seen them in over 20years

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  • i shouldnt use this site when im drunk or stoned... damn my grammar sucks😂

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