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I noticed that people are happy for you for anything, they wish you health and are happy for your happy marriage and the new job you've got, but when it comes to money, they hate you. I have a friend who already has a job (I still go to college) and therefore has more money than me - all cool - but recently my grandma passed away and I inherited a bunch of money. I now own more than him - and he hates me for it. Just like some other people who basically told me I'm a shitty person for having so much money without working for it. But I didn't even ask for it - I just got it, and I'm happy that I'm financially stable now - how is this different from suddenly being healthy after a disease?

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  • I noticed that too, when your money came from someone, suddenly everybody hates or secretly envious of you.

  • what the hell lol. I guess deep down a lot of people are just greedy :/

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