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I was raised to be very awkward when it comes to sex. To this day I can't talk about sexual stuff because it's too awkward and I even have trouble enjoying sex itself. Me and my boyfriend have some sexual issues and everyone's advice always is to "just talk about it with him, if you can't talk about such things with him then you two shouldn't be together". But I can't talk to ANYONE about it. I've tried to. I can't.

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  • Look. I get how you feel. But you can't ever be happy with your sex life if you can't talk about it. It's only awkward because you MAKE it awkward. I used to be like you, really shy and unknowing. But over time I've learned to be more open and my boyfriend is helping me do that. Now we openly discuss sexual things just like everything else. And those people are right: If you can't even talk about sex with him, you shouldn't have sex with him.

  • same😅

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