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My sister is so annoying and greedy. She's been moping around the past couple days because she didn't get what she wanted for xmas. Keep in mind our parents just bought her a car and let her get the new iPhone for her birthday 3 months ago. She wanted a macbook but my dad told me they weren't gonna get it for her because she doesn't take care of her stuff so they aren't gonna spend $1200 on a laptop she's just gonna break or lose. They still got her a laptop tho it just wasn't an apple one. I helped them pick it out and the specs were way better than the macbook she wanted. She gets the best presents out of everyone because she's the only one of us under 18 still. They've been a lot more lenient with her then they were for me and our brother. She's just greedy and unappreciative. They got me a pair of shoes and they got our brother a tv and his daughter a toys r us gift card. None of us are complaining and crying about it because there's nothing to complain about. We got a nice gift and something we wanted. Leave it up to my sister tho to suck the fun out of everything with her piss poor attitude. Think about all the people out there that didn't get anything or that only got basic necessities that most people get on the regular.

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  • Tell her what I got for Christmas: Lotion and a DVD. I'm 20 years old still living at home, and aside from some candy and some work clothes, that was all I got from my entire family. Tell her to suck it up. She's lucky her parents bought her that at all.

  • Apple diehards are assholes in general!

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