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I dream to be a professional footballer (soccer player) in already 16 and I kinda suck ( when compared to the standards I need) I don't have any support from my family( when it comes to this dream) , I want to adopt the idea of having a normal job but I can't for some reason I feel like I'm dissapointing my family after all they have done for me and not being able to return them what they gave me.

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  • Train, train, train, workout, fitness, health, train. Dedicate yourself fully and it could be possibility. Joint squads and junior soccer clubs to become known. You need to top athlete and be the best and you need to be spotted to become a professional. Practice much, and success you will find.

  • have you ever considered any alternative, perhaps in the coaching team, or being a football journalist? or get yourself interned at any professional football club?

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