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I do not enjoy sex with white guys and I don't know why. Most of my family is white and I grew up around white people. For some reason I have not met a white guy that i had a physical connection to. I don't know if it's white overload or if I just attract some fucking ugly white guys.

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  • stop making it about race u just didn't meet the right one.

  • I've been with white guys and one black guy so far, I have had a better time with the male who I had best emotional connection to, so for me that's a white guy who looks like he could fit in with some Vikings. someone of any race can look damn good, I personally prefer the looks of black guys to white but there are good and bad looking people of all races. depending on your location people can look very different and much more attractive as one race than another (an example of this is Scandinavia. There are some insanely attractive white people there, whereas England, not so much) ^^

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