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we're all assets to one thing, life, yet, a lot of people allow themselves to become assets to someone or something else. You owe nothing to anyone, they say we're not here to just work and die, and they're right. find something that puts a roof over your head and food on your table, THEN LIVE. Stresses are 9/10 optional, if you can't change something, there is absolutely no need to stress over it, let it play out like it's going to anyway and LIVE. I've been told that I am detached or unwilling to love others, when in reality, I am as involved as you allow me to be. Don't chase friendships or relationships, those who are meant to be part of it will come when their time comes up. we are all here to fulfill a certain hole for a certain amount of time in life. All that is asked of us, is that we fulfill that role once it calls for us. live your life one decision at a time, planning ahead is giving the end result the opportunity to dissapoint you.

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  • For me stress is always inevitable. Broken home lots of people taking advantage of me no job since school. I agree that normally you shouldnt chase relationships but in some cases you have to be the one to pursue its never going to happen

  • My stresses are 11/10 optional so I do heavy drugs to cope.

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