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I know a guy and he's kinda fame and every girl thinks that he's handsome and all that and unfortunately I like him as well and would like to get in touch with him. The thing is I don't want to text him like a stupid teen. I want to be special for him because I like him for more than just his looks

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  • If you want to be special to him, don't act like all the other girls who obviously try to get in his pants. Don't text him, don't look at him as if there was no other guy for you. He is the kind of guy that's used to being liked by girls. Don't be one of them and he will worry why you're not all over him as well. But be sure you get his attention in another way, in a definitely not flirty way (something related to school, a project, ask him for help with something, whatever)

  • lol sure

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