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Honestly... I've bought lingerie for the first time, I'm a plus size girl so I'm so inexperienced in stuff like this, BUT, I want to surprise my boyfriend. So I need help, I pretty much bought a lacy bralette, a garter belt and I'm going to try and find a nice pair of stocking and panties, all black btw. I'm just going to go for some loose curls and eyeliner, because sex lol. So what I don't know should I wear heels? Should I put on more makeup? How should I present myself? Like do I just stand there and go "Hey, 'sup?" or what? I thought that when I go visit him and he's probably on the couch watching TV, I'll go and shower and get dressed and kinda slide onto his lap or I'd stand on the door way and let out some kind of sarcastic remark and see if he looks over. Problem is also what to do after he noticed me or after I sat on his lap??? I'm really thankful for any help.

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  • Dress sexy, hair, make-up and what not. Then send him picks right after he leaves for work. So he has to think about it all day before he comes home to fuck you

  • Spread eagle.

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