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i work in a second hand store, and sometimes we get the nost awesome stuff, i dont pay for anything, so i always have good clothes for me, but i also pack stuff for my friends and family.. today we got a few bags from a rather decent person, after a while you know what you get from which customer, tons of (really cute and beautiful) lingerie and good clothes from expensive brands.. (the Jordans didnt fit me😭) god its a shame... if i had a gf, id drown her in clothes and shoes and whatever😂

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  • but dont forget, we also get the used panties with bloody pads or used tampons in the bags... shitstains in the underwear and so on... and before i sell a 300€ jacket to a "Pooooooooor refugee" for 6-12€, i rather get it for myself(if it fits of course) because if they dont know how to respect others... that's my experience in the last couple of years, so no. then I rather give their children some toys or stuffed animals for free

  • So lucky!! I knew it, before you sell it, you grab the good stuff, that is why it is somehow impossible to find a really good one, well in my place lol.

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