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I have a really cool storyline for a movie. I wish i was rich so i could hire a writer to turn my concept into a script. I want it to be a comedy with a sad unexpected ending. Nobody will see it coming. Literally the whole movie will be funny and follow the guidelines of a comedy except the ending. Ugh I'm so mad. This would be the best selling movie of 2017. Im talking multiple awards and the whole 9. Perfect cast would be Kat Dennings as the lead female. I love her in 2 broke girls. Romeo Miller for the male lead because he's hot. Definitely need Monique, Gary Owens, and Kathy Griffin in there. I love their sense of humor. Lastly Steve Buscemi is a must. He looks perfect for a particular character that is crucial. I'm not going to say what my exact idea is but I know the ending will hit home for a lot of people. It would also be one of the funniest movies ever up until the ending of course. My idea for the ending is my favorite part. Ughh the things i would do to be rich right now.

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  • Why would anyone want a depressing ending on a comedy?

  • You must not give up! Most today famous people started out like you. You will find a way.

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