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so like I have a boyfriend and my parents don't want me to have one yet so we've kept it on the DL and the other day we went to the park together and we were just talking and stuff then our friends left and we were alone and it was dark. we went to sit on a bench and I sat next to him and cuddled into him because I was freezing my ass off and then he pulled he into his lap and I was straddling him. well you can imagine what happened. we kissed and I'd never felt his dick and when we got up to stretch I wouldn't let him fix himself and he said why you won't even touch it and that's the first thing I did when he said that. well we sat back down and I straddled him again and things got more heated and we almost had sex and fuck idk my parents showed up and I freaked

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  • You sound way too young for sex. You can't go from never touching a dick to having sex. Slow down, speed demon

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