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My boyfriend seems to think he's so replaceable. Today the topic of his death came up, somewhat jokingly, and I said "You better not die." He actually said "Why?" I told him I'd miss him and I'd probably go back into depression if he died, and that I'd be lonely. And he said "You'd find someone else eventually." I might, but they wouldn't be him. They wouldn't smile the way he does. They wouldn't giggle mischievously the way he does. They wouldn't hold me like he does. They wouldn't look at me with the same love and admiration in their eyes. He's so special to me, so unique, so irreplaceable. He's not just "another guy". And I don't know how I can make him see that.

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  • Get him some chicken wings (if he likes that) and a card that says that and give him the night of his life. Make him feel special

  • Ask him to marry you

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