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Idgaf if a girl married or dating, if i want to fuck her and she wanna fuck me that's what we gonn do. It isn't my responsibility to watch after your girl and make sure she isn't cheating. You're clearly doing something wrong otherwise she wouldn't be looking towards other dudes for sex. I been with 2 women that were technically married but they wanted out and hadn't started the process and i been with 1 that was legally married but had been separated and filed paperwork. I been with woman that had boyfriends i been with bi women that had girlfriends. Unless I'm in a committed relationship i could care less about her relationship status as long as she attractive. and for the record i have never cheated on someone i was in a relationship with. You can call me a dog, a player, an asshole, douche bag whatever you want but what you can't call me is a cheater even tho i been cheated on i would never personally do that to someone else.

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  • You sound extremely uneducated, perhaps you should put your energy towards umm I don't know an education..

  • you're a piece of shit

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