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Honestly... Why is everyones first reaction to a problem in a relationship to breakup with said person. Like even people who give advice always say, leave him/her, breakup, blablabla. Maybe I don't want to and asked you for advice on how to actually fix this problem? Like if it's someone who's obviously abusive then the only thing to do is to leave that person. Another person to just leave is obviously some kind of criminal (murderer,rapist etc) or if you don't love your significant other then please leave them but everything else can be fixed. So why is everyone so fast on breaking up.

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  • You're probably getting relationship advice from someone who knows nothing about them. I feel like people who say just break up have a false sense of what a relationship is most likely because they were never in one. When you love someone you don't break up because one little issue. If someone is willing to break up that quick with no effort to solve it 9 times out of 10 they were in it for the wrong reasons

  • Thank you! It drives me nuts when people do that. I literally had a friend tell me to break up with my bf because he came home from work a little late.. like wtf? That's a stupid reason.

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