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Recently, one of my friends asked me who I had a crush on, and I was suspicious that he had a crush on me. I didn't answer his question, and a few hours later he asked if he could tell me something. Worried, I told him he could and nervously waited for his reply. He then admitted to having and crush on my best friend. I am queer, and I have a crush on her too, and she knows and has a crush in me and has told me she sees the guy as a friend. Our relationship isn't confirmed but mow I'm afraid to make a move because the guy told me he trusts me and I don't want to hurt or offend him because I'm the only one he's told. I think I may have gotten caught up in a real life love triangle.

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  • I think you should tell the guy that you're with your friend. he might be disappointed or mad at first but I think not telling him at all or too late would be worse for your friendship. as for making a move: go for it, but only after you told the guy about the situation

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