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I hate how I always put an extra effort to pick the perfect present for someone but when they give me something I could spend months giving hints about liking certain show or needing some art materials and they end up giving me makeup (which I barely use). I mean, I know is the thought what counts but it still hurts me that they don't make an effort for me.

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  • I feel you. But most people are just not good at picking up hints. They don't think about presents all year long, but just some weeks (or even days) before christmas, and then all the hints you dropped don't come into their minds. And some people also don't care so much about presents because they themselves don't value it so much to get presents themselves, so they don't put effort into it because they don't realize that it means something to you. Or your hints are not helpful; for example, if you tell them that you need new paint brushes, how would they know what to get you? They don't know which brushes would be good for you. So they rather buy you some things that can alwaxs be handy instead of a brush that you won't need.

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