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It's the winter break so I don't really think about this much, but I just wanted to let it out because no one really understands how bad this really was. since the beginning of the year, this guy in my math, french and history classes was bullying me. He would kick me, push me, say I was a fat fucking bitch, that i was ugly and stupid, that I had no friends and that no one liked me, and much more extremely rude and offensive things. He gave me rude nicknames and made fun of my first and last names. This wasn't just a one time thing, he would kick me and call me fat and ugly everyday. he made comments about my arms and thighs and said I wore pushup bras (I don't). sometimes I would retaliate. On social media he did stuff as well. He once made an anonymous hate account for me on Instagram on which he commented something rude about me on my friend's post with me in it. The account went down in a day, but I knew it was him because he admitted it (and said he didn't care if I tattled because I didn't have proof). After that though he denied it every time he was asked about it. from that account he made fun of me in a picture myfriend posted. More recently the bully got an embarrassing picture of me and threatened to put it on his Snapchat story, which he ended up doing. I did tell my teacher about this but the bully still has the picture. idk if he put it on his story again. I think my math teacher will talk to him about it again. Hopefully. he has done a few more things but im lazy so another time! I wanna note I just wanted to let this out. im 98% okay, his words don't really affect me anymore. I'm not gonna go anorexic or depressed because of the bullying, I have great friends to help and im sure the bullying will stop when school starts again :) Im 15 I will survive. Last thing before I leave: one time the bully was pushing me when I was walking out a classroom and i pushed him harder than I thought into the telephone and ran out and apparently the teacher was extremely pissed at him lmao! yes I have done stuff in defence, im capable standing up for him.

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  • I think you're pretty awesome. When I was your age, there were some girls who actually tried to bully me. Fortunately for me, I have my head in the clouds, so I didn't even notice, because sarcasm and insults are my normal means of communication and I didn't even pay attention to them. Unfortunately for those girls, I, like you, had awesome friends, and quite a bit more than them, and as soon as they realized they didn't bother me in the least, they left me alone. One of them actually became friends with me later. In my opinion, bullies are only fucked up because they've accomplished nothing in their own life and are horribly jealous. Most of them have a seriously cracked confidence, and, as far as I can tell, that could be what he's so jealous about. You are confident, strong, and have some awesome friends, while he's probably insecure and lonely as hell. So stand up for yourself, the only thing you should feel for him is pity. He doesn't deserve your anger or even pain. Stay awesome, and all the best to you.

  • He cleary has mental issues, lol for pushing back he deserved it so much.

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