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I am about to turn 18 and I am in a LDR for an year, he is from another country my parents already know him via Internet ofc and the plan is for me to visit him first and then he would come to my country with me so we no longer be separated. The thing is my parents are divorced, I am living with my mother but he can't come to the house we are at so the solution is going to my father's house.. And it's my obligation to ask my father if he would let him sleep there.. With me, do you think I have the right to ask that? :/ bc of the fact that I will have 18 I feel like I'm a child and that is stupid to ask..

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  • LDRs aren't real relationships

  • I am a guy and when I was 23 and my wife was 20 (LDR 2 years) we had this situation. I got a hotel and did not stay eith her, and asked her father for permission to marry her. It is good to not act like a married couple yet. This is the time to truly see if you are what you said you were and are truly ready for forever.

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