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the song bonfire by felic jean ft. alma is... amazingly catchy and has a really good message to many people out there... but damn, that thing looks like a fat version of kermit the frog, with hair that looks like its molding near a niclear factory for centuries😷😷😷😷 i know that people that think like me are the reason for the song and part of her look, but damn girl move your fat ass to loose some or your huge mothership of an ass... (i allow myself to say that, because i managed myself to loose my "huge mothership of an ass" and it wasnt even hard🖕😘🖕)

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  • Well, sweetheart, move that mothership of an ass into a library and get yourself a dictionary, because your mind seems to need the exercise far more than your body. The only "thing" that needs to change is your brain, so you should go learn some grammar, spelling and basic manners. Have a nice new year's eve.

  • I loved that song, then one day I watched the video. Since then, I can't hear it without almost throwing up.

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