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You know how some beautiful people for some reason think they're ugly, and you ask yourself how that's possible? I'm the opposite. I always thought I'm pretty attractive, but I just found out that literally every one of my guy friends/acquaintances thinks I'm ugly. My confidence shattered into a million little pieces then and I feel like a different person now.

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  • Oh, well, I'd say "fuck your guy friends", but they're not worthy of that. My sister has a friend that was bullied in school for her looks permanently, and now she's a runway model for Karl Lagerfeld, Prada and Victoria's Secret. When I dyed my hair turquoise and felt awesome as fuck, a lot of people told me I looked horrible, but I didn't think so (and I still don't. I looked pretty cool). I have been asked to walk for Designers, too (my best friend is a Make-up Artist, so I sometimes meet those people), and I still have to listen to people telling me what's wrong about me. I'm too thin, I'm too tall, my feet are too big, my hands are weird, I'm too fat, my hair is boring, my hair's too exciting, whatever. Do what you want, look how you want, wear what you want and don't give a shit about their opinion. If they think you're ugly, they obviously have some really bad taste. Lots of guys do, to be honest. They could have a seriously pretty girl, but instead they chase after a girl without eyebrows who wears clothes three sizes too small. Be beautiful for yourself, and be confident so other girls are jealous of you. You're perfect the way you are, and no one has the right to tell you otherwise.

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