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I love drawing, but I can't create my own style. I am excellent at copying other artist's works, but if I try to draw something own, it looks like a 4th grader did it. It really sucks because I have so many ideas, and I feel like a thief when I create those ideas with another artist's style.

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  • I was the same as you. The only way to get better is to keep drawing on your own. Think of it this way: Established artists are big, beautiful trees. You are a sapling. You will be a tree someday, and even if you're only a little tree, other sprouts and saplings will look up to you. When in doubt, reference photos instead of other drawings. And if you have to reference a drawing, only take one thing from it, like how a hand is drawn or the general position of the character. Here's the best way to practice drawing: Draw without references. Of course you need references, but the more you practice drawing from memory, the more you will start to develop your own style.

  • i relate too much

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