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Me and my girlfriend don't have sex, simply because we don't like it. I am mostly happy with our agreement, but sometimes I feel bad about it, only because it's not normal and because I have to either lie when friends ask about our sex life, or bear their shocked reactions and feel them looking at me as if I'm not a real man.

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  • Honestly, I feel like you're more of a man for doing what you want instead of just doing something because it's considered a social "norm". So what if you don't like sex. That has nothing to do with your masculinity. It's good to stand up for yourself, and honestly, it's none of their business wether or not you and your girlfriend have sex. If you don't want to tell them, don't tell them. But if you do, then don't feel ashamed just because they can't understand. You do your thing, and just keep in mind how lucky both you and your girl are to have found someone who truly understands.

  • why do u even share your sex life with others keep it private who the hell cares what other people think if you're happy with it then just move on with it

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