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Most of the time, I feel like my family just doesn't listen to me. In everyday life, and before special occasions. They always just forget what I say. Even when I write it down. I send them e-mails with stuff, write physical notes, tell them and send them a text, and somehow they still forget what I say. Like my last birthday: I wrote my wishlist in March. My birthday is in September. I wrote a physical copy that I hung in the kitchen, sent them an e-mail with it as an attached file, sent them a link to my amazon wishlist, saved said list on their accounts, and reminded them, everytime they asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I even told them the same items on it over and over, and I told them not to bother even thinking about getting me a new phone, because I was saving up for one myself. Now, I know it sounds really bitchy, but when I go through such an effort to make it clear what I would have wanted for my birthday, I think it's quite the stunt to be able to completely ignore all of my wishes and get me a new phone - and not even the one I was saving up for. But I could live with that. It was nice and sweet of them. But now, come Christmas, I did the exact same thing - only for my sister to get what I already wished for in March. This time they actually got me things I wanted, but I still feel kind of bummed out, especially since my mother actually complained about not knowing that I wanted that same thing. It's not like I made a drama out of it. I just normally mentioned: "Oh, yeah, that's the e-book reader I want, too, it's a really good one." My sister doesn't even read books. SHE DOESN'T EVEN READ. EVER. She only watches TV and takes selfies. While I have no physical space left in my room to store any more books. But whatever, nice for her. At least they managed to partly pay attention to what I wished for this time. And that's something, I guess. Doesn't change the fact that I'm jealous like a little bitch, but still.

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  • It's okay to be jealous. It doesn't make you a bitch. They should listen to you. I understand the conflicting feelings of wanting to be grateful for something as nice as a phone, but it not being what you wanted. Honestly you could sell it and use the money to get the one you do want

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