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white people: I really don't care what race you are we're all beautiful and deserve equality :)) black people; fuck you white people are trash I HATE white people if you're white u can go burn in hell for all I care my whole family was DESTROYED by a white person and white people are ugly as fuck! fuck all of you white fuckers lol mayonnaise white girls are disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! white people; that's rude black people: HAHAHAH REVERSE RACISM ISNT REAL SHUT THE FUCK UP BECKY YOU'RE OPPRESSING ME I CAN SAY WHATEVER I WANT ABOUT WHITE PEOPLE

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  • as a black person, i find this quite amusing. i know we're not all like this, and i believe the poster does too, i just take this as a commentary on how SOME OF US *cough* my mom needs to chill *cough* can go overboard and not see the wrong in our ways. when whites are corrected for racisim and ignorance, it sticks. when blacks are we have silly come backs like "you deserve it"," your ancestors owned slaves", and "reverse racsism doesn't exsist". I just find that ironically amusing how stupid some of us can be while trying to stand up for ourselves.

  • I would say most black people don't hate white people unless they were given a reason to hate that particular person

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