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I used to be in an abusive relationship, he was mostly emotionally abusive. Everything I did was wrong, I spoke, wrong, I didn't, wrong, I knew something, wrong, I didn't know something, wrong, I spoke my mind, Oh so wrong my dear. He pretty much fucked me up to the point where I was to afraid to do anything except he asked me. He did abuse me sexually too. So now I'm in a new relationship everything is nice and shit but my s/o has been mia and I do want to say something but I'm really afraid to say anything. like I am so afraid I'm freaking, I kinda have e the feeling that things are over but he never said it and I just want to know. but I'm afraid of the answer too. ugh

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  • Communication is very important, talk to him about it, I'm sure he will understand and help you get over it if he really loves you.

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