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So when I was 10 my older brother (16) was going through his long hair phase and my dad hated it, but said as long as he kept his grades up it was ok (he had to keep a low B or high C, nothing hard). Well he didn't keep them up and my dad was like 'alright lets go shave your head' half kidding. My brother refused and acted all 'you can't control me, I do what I want'. So my dad threatened to sneak up behind him one day and take a small chunk of his hair off with a razor. Not believing him my brother laughed it off, but like 2 days later my dad snuck in his room and turned the razor on REALLY close to my brothers ear while he was sleeping. He got so paranoid he shaved his head that afternoon 😂😆😆

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  • good! parents for the win

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