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Please read this and give me advice because I have nobody to help me right now. Me and this boy are talking and we treat each other like we are dating and we obviously openly like each other very much and he says he likes me so much, but just very recently I found out that he was getting nudes from other girls and texted this girl asking if she had a big butt. My friends went off on him and I wasn't texting him and he was literally crying because he felt so bad. He got rid of all the girls he was talking to and deleted their contacts and blocked their sc. All of my friends are telling my not to let him waist any more of my time with him and that he is a fuck boy and they are telling me to drop him. But he is my best friend. And he said over and over again that it is the biggest mistake he's ever made and it will never happen again and. He. Cried. He never cries about anything at all and he cried because he was afraid of losing me. I don't want to drop him because I like him so much and I can tell her really regrets it and he told his guy friend that he fucked up bad and felt miserable about it. My friends are telling me that he doesn't see me as a girl friend and he's only going to hurt me. I don't know what to believe and what to think and I just want to stop crying. Please help and give some advice 😩😔

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  • Dont let these assholes make you feel dumb for being sad about him disrespecting you. A man should never feel the need to talk to other girls and if he liked you he woulda asked you to give him pics not randoms. I KNOW that he may seem sorry now but once you forgive him and move past it he will eventually do it again. I thinkyou should know your worth and find a man who makes you feel like your good enough

  • Baby it's all in your mind. You decide it! Nobody can tell you about this. Just remember how much you can take the feeling of regret and face it! If you can take much enough then choose whatever that decisions.

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