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when I was twelve, I followed my crush on Instagram and anytime he posted a cute pic I'd kiss it... literally. At first it kinda a joke. It started like this. I never kissed a guy and my know it all cousin found and proceeded to yell like a woman from the middle ages "WELL GIRL, ITS ABOUT TIME YOU LEARN!! DO YOU WANT TO DIE MANLESS?!!! DONALD TRUMP MIGHT COME AFTER YOUR ASS!!!!" I was like ewww, no, thats nasty, how can I learn tho? Boys now a days have STDs and shit so I'm not going to practice with some guy I don't know.. plus people who know my ass don't fuck with that shit😂... practicing?.... you mean law suit?....fuck no😂🖖. So she suggested a practiced with apps but I got were girl lips and old guys............... no😂 so she came up with a "brilliant" solution. "Just kiss your crush!!!! it'll be fun!!!". I was like HELL NO, HE WONT TOUCH MY ASS WITH A TEN FOOT POLE😭😂 then it FINALLY came to her like an unexpected pimple and she got a pic of him from Instagram then shoved my phone into my face. "KISS HIM NOW, IT SHOULD BE EASY, I BELIEVE IN YOUUUU!!!!" is what she said to egg me on. She did this for like ten minutes straight. But i couldn't deny the fact the he actually looked really good. Gelled hair... cute lips... muscular... broad chest... That cold, icy stare that made it seem he was looking at you and only you. And finally a look of pure lust that usually only Victoria secret models could master. He looked much older tho, like 16 to be exact. But I knew he was my age. I knew that far too well. So I did it. I smacked my lips right between his perfect, stupid face. It was.....embarrassing😂 my cousin watched me, yelling that I was doing it wrong... how could I do it right tho lmao. I'm kissing my crush's pic from an account that shows NO trace of me what so ever. That's some stalker shit right there😂😭 I did this for like 30minutes then my cousin had to go back to her house😭😭😭 but the thing is.... I liked kissing my crush's picture. Is that weird? don't answer that😂 but putting my lips against the screen gave me a rush. it made me want to kiss him fr😭👿😭 so.... I did that a couple more times and I was like ADDICTED😑 I did it to a lot.... remember when I said I did this when I was 12???..... That was 2 weeks ago.... SEND. HELP.😂

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  • The ridiculous premise that you need to have "experience" is incorrect. If it were true men would not value virginity and slut shaming would not exist. You will not "Die manless" Also I may have done this when I was your age. Not proud but it happened.

  • Blah, blah, blah. Wake me when you are done.

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