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It's hard to me to not have "a crush" in my mind . And everytime i find cool guy . I always think"i think i like him" and i want to live this life without things like that. But i can't. Why?

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  • It's human nature. You're always looking for a 'mate' subconsciously, so any guy that remotely piques your interest stays on the radar for a while, because your instinct wants to watch him and analyze him and see if he's a good 'mate' for you or not.

  • I think that having so many crushes means you are able to see beauty in a lot of people, something not everyone can do... but a crush is not someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, it's just a person you really admire. And nothings wrong with acting on your feelings when it's possible, who knows! Maybe it could become more than a crush.

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