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I work in a restaurant and had a table at dinner who did the $5 at the end of the table thing. I'm one of those people that doesn't agree with that trend, so I politely asked them if they would put the money away, not mentioning the fact that it was a shit tip unless they both ordered appetizers since they already asked for tall beers, and the couple threw a fit! Told me 'well you're at $4 now, and if we put it away we aren't taking it back out'. I honestly didn't give a single shit, gathered all the cash up and handed it over to them. They got all huffy but went on with their meal (which ended up being like $56 at the end since he got a fucking steak). Sure as shit I didn't get a tip and they spoke to my manager about how rude I was. He took my side, but the whole thing seriously pissed me off!! 😤😡

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  • Why the fuck would you work a job that only paid tips? Are you an ex-con? Get to school and get a real job skill

  • I assume this is 'Murica. Grow the fuck up 'Murica. Mandatory tips what is this shit. No first world nation has mandatory tips but then again 'Murica is a third world nation

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